• Using OS X El Capitan Server at Home is our detailed, step by step guide to Apple's fabulous server operating system. Whether you're thinking of using OS X Server for home or in a small business, this 800+ page guide will show you how.

    From installing and configuring Apple's server platform through managing its extensive range of services, the guide illustrates, with hundreds of colour screenshots, how OS X Server tightly integrates with Macs and Windows PCs. Mobile device integration also detailed, for iOS devices like iPads and iPhone and, of course, Cloud services too, enabling you to create a seamless computing experience at home, at work or on the move.

    Written in straightforward language for everyday users and those new to OS X Server, the eBook has been fully revised and updated for the latest release of the software, to provide a comprehensive guide to OS X Server's new and improved features.

    Learn about file and folder sharing with Macs, PCs, Mobile devices and the web, setting up shared family calendars and contacts, using VPN and Back to My Mac to access your home or office devices remotely, backing up with the Time Machine service, managing iPhones, iPads and Macs with Profile Manager, publishing custom websites with PHP, Apache and MySQL support, media streaming, securing access with Yosemite Server's new Firewall, serving software updates to your Macs, running your own Mail server at home, and a whole lot more.

    Using OS X Server at Home also provides a detailed guide to Apple's iCloud services, demonstrating how improved cloud integration across OS X Server, OS X, iOS 9 and other devices keeps family, friends and colleagues connected. You'll learn all about easy file synchronisation, online photo sharing and storage, sharing apps and other iTunes purchases, shared calendars and other family sharing features. 

    For those more experienced with OS X Server, Using OS X El Capitan Server at Home gives you the lowdown on what's changed from OS X Yosemite Server, speeding up your deployment and allowing you to get to grips quickly with the very latest features. 

  • Formats: PDF, ePub, Mobi
    Pages: 803 (A4 Print equivalent)

  • Chapter List

    1. Choosing Your Hardware
    2. What's New in OS X El Capitan?
    3. Who Needs a Home Server Anyway?
    4. Installing OS X Server 5 
    5. The Server App
    6. Network Configuration
    7. Managing Storage - Disks, RAID Sets and the Cloud
    8. Users and User Groups
    9. Securing Access to the Server
    10. Managing OS X Devices With Profile Manager
    11. Managing iOS Devices With Profile Manager
    12. iCloud and Family Sharing
    13. File and Folder Sharing
    14. Media Streaming
    15. Managing a Shared Family Address Book
    16. Create a Shared Family Calendar
    17. Setting Up Messages
    18. Backing Up Your Macs to OS X Server With Time Machine
    19. Backing Up Windows PCs to OS X Server
    20. Access OS X Server From Anywhere With VPN
    21. Create and Host Websites, Blogs and Wikis
    22. Host Custom Websites Using Apache, PHP and MySQL
    23. Access Your Server With FTP
    24. Manage Your Mail With OS X Server
    25. Managing Mac Updates With Software Update
    26. Manage App Store Updates With the OS X Caching Service

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