• As your network grows, with PCs, smartphones and tablets added over time, it can become difficult to manage. Every device needs care and attention - software updates, malware protection, security configuration - it can be a real chore. But wait! There’s an answer...

    Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based device and policy management platform, specifically aimed at small and medium business owners and administrators, which can manage organisations with up to five hundred PCs. Windows, Windows RT, Windows Phone 8+, Apple iOS, and Android devices can all be managed through the subscription-based service.

    Using Intune, an administrator can distribute and install software applications, create and deploy management and security policies, ensure PCs and devices are continually updated with the latest operating system patches and features and keep a check on hardware and software computer inventory.

    In this 225 page guide, Microsoft MVP Terry Walsh walks you step by step through the configuration and deployment of Microsoft Intune in your home or small business. You'll learn all about managing your PCs and mobile devices using the Microsoft Cloud platform, ensuring your devices are automatically updated, secured, protected with the latest anti-malware updates and configured with the right features for individual users.

    If you have a growing network of fixed and mobile devices, Microsoft Intune and this comprehensive guide will save you - the administrator - countless hours of work managing your devices and give you the peace of mind that your PCs, smartphones, tables and vital data are protected at all times.

    Formats: PDF, ePub, Mobi
    Pages: 225 (A4 Print equivalent)

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