Build a Windows 10 Gaming PC

Terry Walsh

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  • While the PC industry at large attempts to reverse a decline in computer sales, gaming PCs and components continue to fly off the shelves as gamers seek to build and customise increasingly powerful rigs. Forget pre-configured, limited hardware - in Building a Windows 10 Gaming PC, you’ll learn what it takes to plan design and build a powerful system that will handle the latest PC games for years to come! You’ll learn about the components that make up an advanced gaming PC, walk through a build step by step and then find out how to accelerate your gaming with easy overclocking techniques, in-home game streaming solutions, video capture and broadcasting applications and a whole lot more!

    This step by step guide for new PC builders is also ideal for experienced users seeking a refresher on the very latest PC components. We start with a detailed look at PC gaming components, with dedicated chapters covering Motherboards, Graphics Cards, CPUs, Gaming RAM, Power Supplies and Storage (including new M.2 and U.2 options). There are also deep dives into gaming PC cases, Monitors, Game Controllers and Audio options. Each chapter walks through the features and specifications to look out for, as we build a list of components for a gaming PC build to be featured later in the book.

    We then continue to the build itself, with a fully illustrated guide to assembling the PC, packed with images as the components come together to form a high-performance gaming PC. Further chapters detail the step by step installation of Windows 10, before moving on to dedicated gaming topics such as UEFI BIOS configuration, CPU, RAM and GPU overclocking techniques, in-home game streaming to networked PCs with Steam, streaming Xbox One and PlayStation 4 games to your gaming PC, in-game video capture, recording and live streaming plus a whole lot more.

    If you're new to PC gaming, seeking an update on the latest PC technology or looking for a new tech project to get your teeth into this year, you'll find Build a Windows 10 Gaming PC a friendly and informative read.

  • Formats: PDF, ePub, Mobi
    Pages: 393 (A4 Print equivalent)

  • Chapter List

    1. So You Want to Build a Gaming PC?
    2. Selecting a Powerful GPU
    3. Choosing the Right CPU
    4. Choosing the Perfect Motherboard
    5. Selecting Your Gaming RAM
    6. Powering Your Gaming PC
    7. Selecting Your Storage
    8. Finding the Right PC Chassis
    9. Optimizing Gameplay With an Enhanced Display
    10. Edging Your Competitors With the Best Controllers
    11. Enhancing Your PC With Awesome Audio
    12. Building Your Windows 10 Gaming PC
    13. Exploring Your Motherboard BIOS
    14. Installing Windows 10
    15. Configuring Your GPU Software
    16. Overclocking the Easy Way
    17. Streaming Games Around the Home
    18. Broadcasting Your Gameplay

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