• 25 Essential Windows Home Server Projects Volumes 1 & 2 brings together We Got Served's must-have guides to getting the most from Microsoft's Windows Home Server platform. 

    Written for both Windows Home Server v1 and WHS 2011 users, 25 Essential Windows Home Server Projects Volumes 1 & 2 are the product of months of research into thousands of We Got Served features, product reviews, reader comments and forum posts to select and then create a series of fifty comprehensive, but easy to follow project walkthroughs for the popular home server operating system, spread over two eBooks.

    Written by trusted home server experts Terry Walsh, Jim Clark and Christopher Courtney, 25 Essential Windows Home Server Projects Volumes 1 & 2 are the perfect next step for anyone who has mastered the basics of working with Windows Home Server and is seeking to do more with the product. Illustrated with thousands of screenshots, the eBooks walk through topics such as CD, DVD and Blu-ray ripping, creation of media libraries, automatic metadata collation and management, Windows Home Server support for Bittorrent and SABnzbd download clients, media streaming to remote devices, using Active Directory and Windows Server Update Services, TV recording and archiving, remote backup, smartphone/tablet integration and much, much more.

    For the first time, we've brought together both eBooks in fabulous value for money package, that saves £10.00 off the price of buying each volume separately. If you love Windows Home Server, 25 Essential Windows Home Server Projects is a must buy!

    The two eBooks, comprising over 1400 pages of home server goodness (released in PDF and ePub formats) will help you push Windows Home Server v1 and 2011 to their full potential in the digital home, small office and beyond!

  • Chapter List

    Volume 1 Project List

    1. Run a Windows Home Server Application as a Service
    2. Create a Windows Home Server Powered DVR
    3. Use Windows Home Server as a File Downloader with SABnzbd
    4. Add Print Server Features to Windows Home Server
    5. Share Your Printer With Devices Across the Network
    6. Install a BitTorrent Client
    7. Install PHP and MySQL on Windows Home Server
    8. Install a Wordpress Blog on Windows Home Server
    9. Stream Music and Video Remotely to SmartPhone, Tablets or Computers
    10. Create a Windows Home Server Wiki
    11. Install a Forum on Windows Home Server
    12. Manage Your Music Metadata
    13. View Your Home Server's Files and Folders on Tablets and Smartphones
    14. Stream Video From Windows Home Server to Apple TV
    15. Backup Your Files Remotely to Windows Home Server Using VPN
    16. Build a Kick Ass Home Server From Scratch
    17. Stream Media Effortlessly to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3
    18. Automatically Collate and Manage Movie and TV Metadata
    19. Upgrade Remote Access to Manage Windows PCs and Macs from Tablets and Smartphones
    20. Rip CDs the Easy Way
    21. Create a Movie Library From DVD and Blu-ray Disc
    22. Manage Your Home Server Movie Library From PC & Tablet
    23. Manage and Record Video From Network Surveillance Cameras
    24. Protect Your Home Server With an Anti-Virus Agent
    25. Install Your Own Mail Server on Windows Home Server

    Volume 2 Project List

    1. Stream Music and Movies to Android, iOS and WP7 Devices with Subsonic
    2. Convert Your Home Server’s Security Certificate to a Friendlier Format
    3. Use Windows Home Server as a Time Server
    4. Manage PC Updates With Windows Server Update Services
    5. Keep Your Electricity Bills in Check with Lights-Out Power Management
    6. Update Your Windows Home Server Client Restore Disk With the Latest Drivers
    7. Run Virtual Machines on Windows Home Server
    8. Spring Clean Your Files and Folders With the Power of De-Duplication
    9. Create a SharePoint Collaboration Site on Windows Home Server
    10. Back Up Your Home Server’s Files to the Cloud for Added Protection
    11. Create Your Own Streaming Internet Radio Station With SHOUTcast
    12. Build a Widgetised Web Portal for Your Home Server
    13. Replicate Your Files and Folders Automatically to an External Storage Device
    14. Sync Your Home Server’s Files Across Multiple Devices
    15. Build and Manage an iTunes Server for Your Network
    16. Clean and De-duplicate Your iTunes Music Library
    17. Install an FTP Server on Windows Home Server
    18. Stream DVDs, Blu-rays and ISOs to Network Devices and Games Consoles
    19. Migrate From Windows Home Server to Windows 8
    20. Secure and Monitor Your Home Server’s Remote Web Access
    21. Manage Your TV Show Recordings With Sick Beard
    22. Upgrade Your HP MediaSmart Server to Windows Home Server 2011
    23. Create a Personal Cloud Server with ownCloud
    24. Add a Windows Home Server Restore Option to Your PC’s Boot Menu
    25. Enable Active Directory Support on Windows Home Server v1
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