Why Have I Not Received My eBook?

As soon as your order is placed for an eBook, and payment is processed via our partners, then you should receive an email with a link to your download(s). If you don't receive the email within 30 minutes, then check your spam filter to see if it got snagged in there. 

If not, then drop us an email or use the contact form to get in touch - in the rare occasions there has been a problem, it's usually due to an email address being typed incorrectly, but that's a 10 second job to fix, so shout!


Are your eBooks Also Available as Physical Books?

Sadly, no. It's 2014 and we're all digital around these parts. You'll receive a PDF and ePub edition of your eBook purchase, which will work on a wide range of computers and mobile devices. 


How Can I View My eBook Purchases?

We publish our eBooks in three formats: PDF (for desktop and laptop computers), ePub and MOBI (for mobile devices). All of our eBooks are shipped without Digital Rights Management (DRM) so you can use them on any of your compatible devices.

  • PDF files should work in all compatible applications, including the free Adobe Reader
  • ePub files are designed predominately for use with Apple mobile devices, and can be read via copying to your device in iTunes once downloaded using a USB cable. 
  • MOBI files can be read on a variety of eBook readers, including Amazon's Kindle. Again, once downloaded from us, the eBook should be copied to the device using a USB cable. 
  • Applications such as Calibre (available for PC and Mac) are able to read all formats we publish.

Please refer to your specific device manual or contact the manufacturer for dedicated support. 


I Can't Log in to My Account!

If you set up a WGS Store account before Jan 2012, then it's likely that you'll receive an error when you try to log in - that's because we moved retail platforms in January as we were getting busy and the old platform was creaking. A lot. Don't worry, we have your orders safe, don't worry - but we'll ask you to please create a new account when you place your next purchase. We can merge everything together if you let us know.


I've Lost My eBook Files!

No problem, visit this page and enter your Order Number and the email address you used to place the order. You'll be directed to your downloads. Lost your order number? OK, drop us a note and we'll resend it to you.


Can I return or exchange my purchase?

We are unable to offer refunds or exchanges on digital goods. 


I Have a WGS Forum Account - Why Can't I Use It to Log Into the Store?

Our store and forums work with different databases on different servers, and so whilst it would be great to be able to use your forum account on the store, it would mean we'd need to migrate over 90,000 user accounts to WGS Store, which wouldn't be fun! So, just checkout as a "guest" and you can create a new account here at WGS Store - you can even use the same details as your forum account should you wish.