About the Authors

We Got Served's authors combine deep technical expertise with a knack for making the complex simple. That ensures our Step by Step Guides and How To Projects leave no reader behind.


Terry Walsh 

Terry Walsh is the Founder of We Got Served which he established in 2007 to share his own experiences with emerging technology. He graduated from the University of Durham in 1995 with a Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature and balances his writing duties with a role in the telecommunications industry. Prior to starting WGS, Terry cut his teeth online in 1993 building and operating a number of successful alternative music websites and communities for UK artists.

Born and raised in Liverpool, England and now living in Silverstone with his wife and two sons, Terry has been awarded Microsoft’s prestigious Most Valuable Professional Award each year since 2008 for his work on We Got Served.

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Jim Clark

When Jim first heard about Windows Home Server, he developed an immediate interest in this new platform as a centralized storage product for the home. We Got Served became an outlet to document his experiences with this Microsoft product, review software written specifically for the Windows Home Server platform, and review hardware related products for use in the digital home. His interest in Windows Home Server and the digital home continues to this day.

Jim was born and raised in Marion, Iowa. Except for short stints in Cedar Rapids and Waterloo, Iowa, he has remained true to Marion. All four of his children have graduated from the same high school he went to. Jim has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Iowa and has spent his entire career in various design engineering positions in the manufacturing industry.

Jim's interest in computer technology started with the original IBM PC. PCs have been an integral tool at work, and a hobby for over 25 years. Jim has been awarded Microsoft's Most Valuable Professional Award for Windows Home Server each year since 2009 for his work with Terry on the We Got Served website.


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Christopher Courtney


Christopher Courtney is a frequent contributor and lead forum moderator at We Got Served, a popular home server destination for hundreds of thousands of readers every month. While he may not be in an IT job, computers have always been his passion. Indeed, when he discovered Windows Home Server in 2007, he already had a Windows XP computer set up to do a very similar thing. But after trying Windows Home Server, that XP computer was soon retired.

Christopher’s expertise and community support for Windows Home Server and its users has been recognised multiple times by Microsoft via the Most Valuable Professional award, a coveted honour granted to the best and brightest technology experts around the world. 


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Cameron Bishop


Cameron Bishop is an Australian tech writer with a knack for IT and all things tech-related. Outside his IT job, Cameron is active in helping people plan their digital lives and manage their information. Whether it's setting up a NAS for family member photographs, or selecting the best router for someone setting up a coffee shop, he's always ready to offer advice and find a solution to make the IT work for the user, not the other way around.

When Windows Home Server came around, Cameron built a v1 server and was hooked. By the time Windows Home Server 2011 emerged, Cameron was moving up to RAID and experimenting with virtual machines to add more functionality. He hopes that as long as community-generated guides exist, the art of tinkering will not die out and enthusiastic users will continue to find new and exciting ways to use their technology. 

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Dimitris Tonias


Dimitris Tonias is a Computer Engineer, Microsoft Certified Professional and Technology Specialist with studies in IT and certifications expanding from Windows XP to Windows 8 as well as Windows Server 2008 to Virtu- alization.

Born and raised in Greece, Dimitris is passionate about technology and obsessed about making things simpler for everyone.

He is currently an author at one of the most established tech blogs in Greece (Pestaola.gr) cover- ing news, insights and tutorials about Windows, software, hardware and other technology. Dimitris is also the owner of Winuser.gr, a Q&A website providing support and insights to Greek Windows users.

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