Building a FreeNAS Home Server

Cameron Bishop

  • What's better than a first class home server operating system? A first class operating system that's completely free to download, install and use! FreeNAS is the name of that platform and Building a FreeNAS Home Server is the easy to read, comprehensive, step by step guide you need to get up and running with it!

    While FreeNAS is packed with features you'll love, working with the platform requires a little technical know-how. In Part 1 of the book, Mastering FreeNAS Basics, Cameron Bishop explains the advantages of FreeNAS over other home server platforms before guiding you through hardware requirements and recommended choices. From there, you'll learn how to prepare your computer to run FreeNAS and then install and configure the operating system for the first time.

    Storage concepts such as RAID, the ZFS file system and Datasets are explored and you'll quickly get to grips with using FreeNAS on a daily basis. The book walks you step by step through creating network shares for file and folder sharing, configuring users and user groups and protecting your data with ZFS Scrubs, Periodic Snapshots and hard drive monitoring. Part 1 of the book closes with a deep dive into FreeNAS plugins, with guided installations of popular apps such as Plex Media Server, Transmission and ownCloud.

    In Part 2 of Building a FreeNAS Home Server, you'll hear how to transform the core FreeNAS platform, creating the Ultimate Personal Video Recorder! Those seeking to build a top-class media server will enjoy detailed guides to popular open source media apps on FreeNAS, including Plex Media Server, Transmission, Couch Potato, SABnzbd, Firefly Media Server and configuring an FTP Server for remote access. Each guide is fully illustrated with detailed screenshots illustrating the download, installation and configuration of each plugin on the home server platform. 

    Building a FreeNAS Home Server closes with a detailed look at the FreeNAS configuration menu, by way of a glossary detailing each feature and function available in the home server platform. 

    If you're thinking of building a new home server, curious about what FreeNAS can do for you and your family, or you're seeking a new computer project, you'll find Building a FreeNAS Home Server packed with insight, help and guidance that will help you master FreeNAS in no time. 

    Formats: PDF, ePub, Mobi
    Pages: 335 (A4 Print equivalent)
  • Chapter List

    Part 1: Mastering FreeNAS Basics

    1. Choosing a Home Server Platform
    2. FreeNAS Hardware Reqirements
    3. Downloading and Preparing FreeNAS
    4. Installing FreeNAS
    5. Configuring FreeNAS for the First Time
    6. Configuring FreeNAS Storage: RAID, ZFS and Datasets
    7. Creating Network Shares
    8. Managing Users and User Groups
    9. Managing Data Integrity With ZFS Scrubs
    10. Protecting Data With Periodic Snapshots
    11. Monitoring Hard Drive Health With SMART Testing
    12. Introducing FreeNAS Plugins: Plex Media Server, ownCloud and Transmission

    Part 2: Building the Ultimate PVR

    13. Planning the Ultimate PVR
    14. Installing the PVR Plugins
    15. Configuring Plex Media Server
    16. Configuring Transmission
    17. Configuring Couch Potato
    18. Configuring SABnzbd
    19. Configuring Sick Beard
    20. Installing Firefly Media Server
    21. Installing an FTP Server
    22. Glossary

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