Jim Clark

When Jim first heard about Windows Home Server, he developed an immediate interest in this new platform as a centralized storage product for the home. We Got Served became an outlet to document his experiences with this Microsoft product, review software written specifically for the Windows Home Server platform, and review hardware related products for use in the digital home. His interest in Windows Home Server and the digital home continues to this day.

Jim was born and raised in Marion, Iowa. Except for short stints in Cedar Rapids and Waterloo, Iowa, he has remained true to Marion. All four of his children have graduated from the same high school he went to. Jim has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Iowa and has spent his entire career in various design engineering positions in the manufacturing industry.

Jim's interest in computer technology started with the original IBM PC. PCs have been an integral tool at work, and a hobby for over 25 years. Jim has been awarded Microsoft's Most Valuable Professional Award for Windows Home Server each year since 2009 for his work with Terry on the We Got Served website.